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Forgotten Hero: Massachusetts Navy veteran gets military funeral more than a century after his death

The Darien Expedition, led by Rear Adm. Joseph Eaton in 1870, sought to chart a vital route through Panama’s Isthmus of Darien. This audacious exploration aimed to assess the potential for constructing a canal or railroad connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Eaton’s pivotal role in this scientific endeavor showcased his multifaceted career as both a naval officer and an explorer.

An illustration a person and their resume to represent the resume advice for veterans.

Top Resume Advice for Veterans

Transitioning from military service to civilian careers requires a standout resume. This comprehensive guide offers expert advice for veterans, emphasizing the importance of understanding the civilian job market, translating military skills, and showcasing relevant experience. Quantifying achievements and emphasizing leadership roles are key. Addressing gaps transparently and customizing resumes for each application enhances success. Proofreading, creating a strong LinkedIn profile, and seeking professional guidance round out the strategies for a successful transition.

Illustration of a yellow fish jumping out of a small fishbowl with three fish, towards a larger fishbowl with ample space, representing the journey of veterans from military service to flourishing in top careers.

Unlocking Success: Top Careers for Veterans

Discover the top careers for veterans as you transition from military to civilian life. With skills like leadership, adaptability, and teamwork, veterans excel in fields such as IT, healthcare, law enforcement, project management, skilled trades, logistics, and education. Explore these options to find your ideal civilian career path.

Veteran Saluting at a funeral respresenting one of the many types of protected veterans

Protected Veterans

Understanding ‘protected veteran’ status is crucial for veterans transitioning to civilian employment. Protected veterans are safeguarded under VEVRAA, ensuring they receive benefits and affirmative action. Awareness of this status and its categories, including Disabled and Recently Separated Veterans, empowers veterans to access rightful benefits and protections in their post-military careers.